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Rotary Screen Printing
Express yourself with print!
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Improve performance or durability. Use antimicrobial, anti-skid, fire-retardant finishes, and much more to create the desired effect.
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Your Partner In Product Development

By leveraging our unique combination of printing technologies and finishing processes, we can cater to a broad spectrum of customer needs, from aesthetic designs to functional and safety-critical applications
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We Print on Any Fabric

Our rotary screen printing equipment can handle up to 12 colors and widths from 45″to 90″.

Founded 1971

Our years of experience means that we get it done right the first time.

Quality Control

We constantly test our finishing jobs to be sure your fabrics exceed the standards required for water/oil repellent, fire retardant, anti-microbial, etc. certifications.

Textile Printing, Coating, and Finishing.

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Royal Carolina Corporation is a full-service Rotary Screen and Flexographic Printing, Coating and Finishing Company located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Royal Carolina is dedicated to providing customers with on-time delivery and excellence in Service and Technology. Royal Carolina has an extensive network of distribution, manufacturing, and converting partnerships to assist you in a wide variety of areas. Our range of services is far reaching and constantly expanding to fit your needs. In addition to our printing, finishing and coating capabilities, we can provide 100% inspection, trimming, slitting, testing and packaging to meet your requirements.

We are more than the services we provide, we are a team of experienced professionals who offer assistance to a wide range of customers. If you are new to the industry or just want a printer you can rely on, Royal Carolina Corporation can help. We are here to educate and offer unparalleled support.

Our efforts focus on delivering total customer satisfaction and competitive price leadership. Our goal is to continue to build strong industry relationships and increase profits for our customers through technology and innovation. Strong emphasis is placed on excellent customer service from the time your order is placed until it is delivered. We are there when you need us most!

We would love to learn about your project!

Who is your product for? What kind of fabric do you envision? Does it need to have a fireproof coating? Our team works with you through the product development process to achieve your business goals.