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Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Add protective and functional features that improve the performance and durability of FRPs while enhancing the appearance of your products. Our veil printing includes many different wood grain, camouflage, and carbon fiber looks, as well as custom printing. Our team of experienced professionals is available to assist from product development through production. Royal Carolina provides a wide variety of printed veils for the Fiber Reinforced Plastics market.

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Surface Appearance

By placing a printed veil at the surface layer, you can achieve various aesthetic effects, such as patterns, textures, and colors. It can mimic materials like wood or marble, or provide any desired custom design.

Enhanced UV Protection

Prolong the life of the product, especially in outdoor applications. Include materials or coatings that block or absorb UV radiation to protect the underlying FRP from UV degradation. 

Increased Corrosion Resistance

Environments such as chemical processing plants or coastal areas are tough on these surfaces. Materials added to the outer layer act as a barrier against those conditions.

Barrier Protection

Prevent the migration of fibers or resins to the surface and avoid  fiber prominence on the surface (a.k.a fiber print-through), which can degrade the appearance and structural integrity of the FRP.

Integration of Additional Elements

Integrate other elements like RFID tags, sensors, or conductive materials into the FRP. For example, add tracking, structural health monitoring, or electrical conductivity.

Simplified Manufacturing Process

Incorporate multiple desired properties and aesthetics directly into the veil to streamline the production process and reduce costs. For example, integrate antimicrobial properties with scratch resistance.