Royal Carolina

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Customers don’t measure you on how hard you try. They measure you on what you deliver.

Our Capabilities

We accept woven, nonwoven, and knit fabrics. We also print on paper and plastic. Please call for a comprehensive list.

We print on fabrics 45″ to 90″ on our Rotary Screen Printing and Finishing units. We print 15″ to 64″ on our Flexographic Printing machine.

Rotary Screen Printing: 25.25″, 32″, 36″
Flexographic Printing: 15″ to 64″

Rotary Screen Printing, Finishing, & Coating: 10,000 linear yards per order

Flexographic Printing: 30,000 linear yeards per order

We offer machine samples and table samples for a flat fee or by an hourly rate. 


We use water-based pigment inks and dispersed dyes.

We accept or ship rolls up to 50″ in diameter and 1,000 lbs or less.

Fire Resistance: MVSS 302, NFPA 701 small-scale, ASTM D6413

Other: Crocking, wash, shrink, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, add-on weights, and abrasion.

* Please call if you have other needs for testing that we do not have listed here.

How We Deliver Quality

Rotary Screen Printing: Up to 12 colors
Flexographic printing machine: Up to 4 colors

Every customer and order varies. We need at least 2 weeks to produce the order. Because of the nature of the industry, our turnaround times vary. We will always work to have your order completed as quickly as possible. Please call to discuss specific periods and order requirements.

No, we use third-party vendors.

Yes. We follow strict quality control guidelines.

Yes, we have an on-site lab.