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Get more out of your fabrics

Finishing improves a fabric’s appearance, feel, or other properties.

The finishing process adds ink or chemicals through a bath or coating to improve the natural properties of the fabric and increases its serviceability. There are many uses for woven or nonwoven goods with specific enhanced properties. Pad dying fabric offers customization with added color choices. Adding Durable Water Resistant protects the fabric from both oil and water. It’s used in many industries to improve performance or durability. Also, many industries use antimicrobial, anti-skid, fire-retardant finishes and much more to create the desired effect.

Our capabilities include:

  • DWR- Durable Water Repellents
  • DOR- Durable Oil Repellents
  • Durable Fire Retardants
  • Non-Durable (Salt Based) Fire Retardants
  • Antimicrobials
  • Hand Builders for Stiffness and Pleating
  • Pigment Pad Dyes
  • Specialty Black Dyes
  • Skintex &reg MRIII Insect Repellent

We have experience in meeting MVSS-302, NFPA-701, and other standards. Please call if you have questions about other testing specifications.